Terms Of Use

Updated: 9:00pm on October 22, 2014

Thank you in playing in the Shark Pit Drawing. As used in this Terms Of Use, the words “Players” and “Participant” refer to each individual accessing the Ticket Master. The words “Services” and “System” refer to Ticket Master. The words “Association” and “Acquaintance” refer to Contact Us. The words, “Network” and “Robotic” is refer to Tracking System. The words “Depositary” and “Repository” refer to Lost and Found.


Hours; Mindful of the System Hours which are from Monday 8:00am Eastern Standard Time to Friday 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time. The hours of the System are closed are from Friday 4:31pm Eastern Standard Time to Monday 7:59am Eastern Standard Time. Participant will not be able to play the services while it’s closed.


Drawing; The active numbers that are used in the drawing are one through fifty nine. If Participant uses any other numbers that are not listed in the drawing, they will be warned via email. If issues continue, Participant will be suspended from playing for a week. If issues continue further then the Participant will be block from website completely. Participants are not allowed to send multiple submissions to the System. If consistence playing from same email address via screen name, Robotic will be informed and report ticket submission as spam/hazmat toward the System. Family and friends of the host are not allowed to participate in the drawing. Participant MUST BE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) TO PLAY!


Lost and Found; If Participant lose their tickets when the week of the drawing. Participant are allow to report it to Depositary to receive a copy of the ticket played with the System. Please allow up to 24 hours to locate relocate the Participant ticket. If Depositary misused by Participant which means reporting false Repository. Network will mark Participant submission as spam/hazmat toward the System and may result will be either warn and/or Block from using Services.


Contact Us; When reaching out to Association, feedback is very healthy to inform the Services what they should improve on. Video quantity, Video Audio excreta, when filing a complaint toward any Services, please write all complete details of the complaint Participants are filing towards the Services to better ensure the best Services. If a complaint is won then Participants will receive two winning. One as what Participants deserve from the services and the other as a apologies for the inconvenience. Whereas if Participants continue to make false complaints and misusing the Services. Network will mark Participant submission as spam/hazmat toward the System and may result will be either warn and/or Block from using Services.


Claim Office; Hours of Operations are as clear. From Friday at nine thirty pm eastern standard time to Sunday nine thirty pm eastern standard time to. Claimers must file a claim between those time frames. The Claimers will not be able to file a claim any time during the Week of Monday through Thursday.


False Claims; Claimers responsibility is to file the correct claim for their winning. Players are not allowed to file false claims. Result of filing a false claim will maybe subject to minor and or drastic measures if system is abused. Which is including in chronological order.


  1. First action of misuse of the Services which includes (submitting bad/false claims) will result in suspensions of services for one week.


  1. Second action of misuse of Service which includes (submitting bad/false claims) tracking of Internet Protocol Address and permanently blocking Claimers for the use of Services [Developer Discretion Advice].



  1. Screen Name; If Claimers uses other screen names that they currently don’t have ownership to. Claimers will be automatically revoked from Services due to fraud of other Players current screen name. Internet Protocol Address will be blocked and email address used will be process to the black/junk list.


Contest; Ticket Master informed the System about random contest. Location to be hosted which are the social media sites and also the website. The contest will only last for a short period of time and it will the other way to receive winning while playing the System.


Referrals; Players will receive small winning from the System if they refer people to the System and they play the system. The only way to receive your winning from the Referals is to reach out to Association and informed then you have referrals. You must list all thirty Participant Screen Name. If the information matches the Ticket Master information, Participant will receive the information from Association with the winning via email.

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