Last Update: December 12, 2016


Shark Pit Drawing submission is free. Players are only allowed to play once per drawing. Players must pick five numbers between 1-59. You will win the jackpot by matching the winning number in chronology order. The jackpot is set whatever game system you are currently playing for.



White balls are chosen by random. Your five numbers are picked with the gray balls. The number consist 1-59. You must type in your numbers on the form that is located on the home page before Friday night at eight o’clock pm eastern standard time. The drawing will be nine o’clock pm eastern standard time.



To find out if you’ve won any money. Make sure you check your numbers in the drawing. Then file a claim and retrieve your money.


File A Claim


If you pick one of any five numbers that were called out in the weekly drawing, you must go to Claim My Prize. Once you go to the link you must fill out the information such as Screen Name, System, Numbers Played, and Email Address. If everything matches our record you will receive an email with the subject “You’ve Won Your Xbox Gift Card, You’ve Won Your Playstation Store Card, and or You’ve Won Your Nintendo E Shop Card” depending on what console you.


*Reminder The drawings are called out each Friday at 9 o clock pm Eastern Standard Time. You have until Sunday at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time to file your claim of your winning. If you do not file before then you will lose your prize.*


Other Rules

  • You are not allowed to play more than once per drawing. If done you will receive a warning and if continue actions will be followed
  • Do not ask on any of our social media sending a direct message related to “Give me a game card” Social media does not carry the game card codes nor does the host. The only place you can get your game card is at the Claim Office.
  • Do not abuse the system. It is free and we would like to keep it that way.
  • All gamer tag must have paid membership. If membership is not paid your ticket will not be processed. Example (Xbox Live, Playstation Plus)


Subscribe via Text

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